Meineke Oil Change

What is Meineke Oil Change?

Summer is a freak out season for the entire year and so for the vehicles. The more you use the vehicles, more the maintenance is demanded! The primary maintenance task is to change the oil for specific number of miles it travels. Oil change option through Meineke is any day a better option, because of its reliability and quality performance.

Why only Meineke Oil Change?

Meineke Oil Change

The vehicles generally have hundreds of moving parts to run it with motion. When these parts rub against each other, they tend friction and the heat generation would be faster than the normal conditions. Apart from that the engine locks up resisting igniting the engine. This is a challenge for any vehicle which would in turn determine the overall performance of the vehicle. And the solution is lubrication of the parts. Lubricating the parts has two major jobs to do. The first thing is that greasy oil becomes a layer between the parts and thereby reduces the friction among them. The second job is to dissipate or minimize the heat generated through circulating over all inner parts of the vehicle. Some vehicles need only synthetic oil and not the others. This lubrication of the oil has to be changed periodically and so Meineke oil change becomes the part of vehicle’s life.

Why to change the oil frequently?

As the time passes on oil breaks down inside. This event can occur by many of the factors however the important factor is the heat that is generated because of running the engine for considerably longer. Another important factor can be additional unwanted granules called additives present in the oil. Next to that contamination of the oil is still another factor which can’t be ignored. If the oil is not pure, these additional dust particles degrade the effectiveness of the oil for a period of time.

How regular oil should be changed?

For this each service technician gives different number like 3000 miles or 4000 miles. However the best practice would be to check the respective manual of the vehicle. Manuals generally inform us to change the oil for every 7000 miles under specific driving conditions, of course in ideal conditions. Or the best way to decide is to see when your vehicle resists moving forward or misses the smooth drive. The precautions specified in the manuals are any day helpful for longer reliable running condition of any vehicle, which is an undeniable fact.

Can I do Meineke Oil Change Myself?

Meineke Oil Change can be done either directly by self or with the help of professionals at their locations. That would take around 20 minutes to complete at normal conditions. The process of this oil change is very simple. All it needs is to remove the old filter off, drain it and replace a new filter filled with new oil.

Are there any variations in quality of oil?

Meineke Oil Change can be opted from three options. So, the three types are Basic, preferred and supreme. The quality of the oil betters from Basic to Supreme.

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